Transformer Grating

When you start a transformer project, you may need the transformer grating in advance. Then you raise the transformer on the grating and lay the cobblestone on the grating. The stones are very important for absorbing the oil leaked by the transformer. Additional, the stones are insulated to the electricity and can protect the safe of worker and inspectors. The grating under the cobblestone and above the transformer is also important. It can supply high load capacity to load the heavy transformer and it will supply excellent heat dissipation performance to maintain the normal working and safe of transformer. Here are two types of transformer grating, just refer to them and choose the perfect one.

Hot dipped galvanized steel bar grating

Several pieces of hot dipped steel bar grating on the ground.
TG-01: Transformer grating has thick coating and bright surface for corrosion and rust resistance.
Hot dipped galvanized steel bar grating is composed of mild steel square pipe and rebar. The rebars are welded onto square pipe to form a rigid and solid structure. The steel bar grating panel will be hot dipped galvanized for rust and corrosion resistance. This type steel bar grating can supply high stability and loading capacity. Besides, the hot dipped galvanized coating can extend service life of grating and serve for the transformer bay for a long time.


Material: mild steel pipe and wire.
Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized after welded.
Square tube dimension: 120 mm × 60 mm × 4 mm, 50 mm × 50 mm × 3 mm.
Square tube length: 2900 mm.
Rebar diameter: 10 mm.
Rebar length: 2000 mm.
Rebar spacing: no higher than 50 mm.
Several bundle of mild steel rebars on the ground.
TG-02: Mild steel rebar.Several mild steel square tubes on the ground.
TG-03: Mild steel square tube.
Specifications of hot dipped galvanized steel bar grating
Item Width length
TGG-01 2000 2900
TGG-02 1900 3000
TGG-03 1900 2800
TGG-04 1000 1950
TGG-05 1000 2050
TGG-06 870 2460
TGG-07 870 2540
TGG-08 950 2000
TGG-09 1000 2900
TGG-10 2000 2540
TGG-11 2000 2360
TGG-12 2000 2880
TGG-13 1900 2970
TGG-14 1000 1950
TGG-15 1000 2070
TGG-16 870 2580
TGG-17 870 2480
TGG-18 950 2000
TGG-19 2000 2500
TGG-20 1000 2880
A drawing of hot dipped galvanized transformer grating on the blue background.
TG-04: Steel bar grating drawing.
The hot dipped galvanized grating on the frame and several stones on it.
TG-05: Hot dipped galvanized steel bar grating is widely used in transformer bay.

Lightweight. Compared with other steel bar grating, it has lighter structure.
Simple structure for easy installation.
Hot dipped galvanized for corrosion and rust resistance.
Narrow spacing to keep stones on the surface.
Good heat dissipation. It is benefit for the heat dissipation for transformer and maintain safe.
Pultruded fiberglass grating

Pultruded FRP grating, also called pultruded fiberglass grating. It is made of various colors fiberglass I bars and round cross bar. The cross bars are pultruded into bearing bars to form a corrosive resistant and lightweight structure. Compared with molded fiberglass grating, the pultruded fiberglass grating has a higher load capacity than Molded Fiberglass Grating but the weight is lighter than that. Pultruded FRP grating comes in a variety of resins and colors and are available with or without a slip resistant gritted surface.

Specifications of pultruded FRP grating

Material: fiberglass cross bar and bearing bar.
Surface treatment: resin coated.
Colors: yellow, green, blue, red and any other colors you want.
Bearing bar height: 25 mm, 38 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 58 mm, 65 mm and others can be customized.
A yellow color transformer grating on the white background.
TG-06: Yellow pultruded fiberglass grating.A black color transformer grating on the white background.
TG-07: Black pultruded fiberglass grating.
A green color transformer grating on the white background.
TG-08: Green pultruded fiberglass grating.A gray color transformer grating on the white background.
TG-09: Gray pultruded fiberglass grating.
Specifications of pultruded fiberglass grating
Item Cross bar thickness
(mm) Cross bar height
(inch) cross bar top head width
(mm) cross bar bottom head width
(mm) Cross bar spacing
(mm) Theoretical weight
TGP-01 25 1 30 30 13 13
TGP-02 25 1 30 30 30 10
TGP-03 25 1 15 15 10 17
TGP-04 25 1 15 15 23 11
TGP-05 38 1.5 15 15 10 19
TGP-06 38 1.5 15 15 15 16
TGP-07 38 1.5 15 15 23 13
TGP-08 38 1.5 15 15 35 10
TGP-09 40 1.6 40 40 27 19
TGP-10 40 1.6 40 40 40 17
TGP-11 40 1.6 40 40 60 14
TGP-12 40 1.6 30 30 20 14
TGP-13 40 1.6 30 30 30 12
TGP-14 40 1.6 30 30 45 10
TGP-15 58 2.2 15 15 10 32
TGP-16 58 2.2 15 15 15 27
TGP-17 58 2.2 15 15 23 22
TGP-18 65 5.5 30 30 20 17
TGP-19 65 2.5 30 30 30 15Yellow color transformer gratings are lay on the transformer bay and several stones on them.
TG-10: Pultruded fiberglass grating can be used for load stones and transformers.

High loading capacity.
Corrosion and rust resistance.
Narrow space prevents stones falling off.
Various colors to blend with surrounding environments.
Excellent heat dissipation performance.