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Inflatable snoutyuby (tarts) are designed for descent from the mountain on a specially prepared snow route. The attraction is very popular and appeal to both kids and adults, as an alternative to sledding. Tarts with a cover TSS-01 Material: cold-resistant PVC, nylon fabric bag with a solid bottom PVC, 0,45 mm thick Size:diametr100sm Components: 1 valve, 4 pens, 1 zipper

Mobile pool akvazorbov

Following the demise of the heat falling volumes rolled akvazorbov and Zorba in natural bodies of water? Move rolled into town! This will help you to inflatable pools - various sizes, designs and colors. Venues for hire can be organized on the streets and squares, in parks and squares, in enclosed spaces. Pool is made of durable PVC tarpaulin0,6 or 0,9 mm Production of all sizes to suit your area for hire. To hire two akvazorbov, the minimum size of the pool 7h8m, or round, diameter 8m. Height 65cm-rail pool.

Bamperbol (bumper ball)

Bumper ball, this has not been, Bamperbol (bumper ball) - a ball composed of six segments, filled voduhom. A fascinating, funny entertainment! You can turn somersaults, push, shove, the ball is completely safe. And if you formed a team of bamperbolistov and try to play football, then laughter, fun, positivity is not limited!As bamperbolistov for themselves and for the audience! A great attraction for corporate rest. Perhaps the implementation of two versions of the material: termopoliuretan or polyvinyl chloride. The diameter of 1,5 m. Weight load: 65kg max! With improved durable straps, comfortable handles.

Footlights - slide for hire Zorba

City skating distributed as suburban. Venues for Zorbing organized on the streets and squares, in parks and squares. Inflatable ramp replaces the natural landscape without compromising the beauty of the spectacle and thrills. Also ramp can be used indoors. Ramp is made of durable, non-toxic, fireproofPVC tarpaulin. Temperature range of use: up to -30. Any size to order, choice of colors, print the logo. Work ramp is supported by two blowers. For the ramp should be about 40 meters of space to Zorba good ride.