Оборудование для проводных сетей

Optical Fiber Pathcord

FPT-FC/APC-FC/APC-SM Optical fiber patch cord, G652D, 9/125um, single fiber, 3.0mm, LSZH, 3m, single FC/APC to singleFC/APC. Feature ◇ Low insertion loss ◇ High return loss ◇ High stability and reliability Parameter Item Specification SM MM FC/PC FC/UPC FC/APC FC/PC Insertion loss ≤0.20 dB Max. insertion loss ≤0.30 dB Repeatability ≤0.10 dB Changeability ≤0.20 dB Return loss 45 dB 50 dB 60 dB   Operation temperature -40 ~ +80℃ Storage temperature -40 ~ +85℃ Fiber type 9/125 um 50/125 um,62.5/125 um Core number single or dual fiber Durability >1000 times Industry Standard Bellcore TA-NWT-001209 Application ◇ FTTH, LAN, PON & Optical CATV ◇ Local ring net ◇ Optical fiber communication system ◇ Optical fiber test equipment ◇ Optical fiber network

Оптический бокс HTTB-001

Size 264 mm x 154 mm x 56mm (L x W x H) The cover can be opened more than 180° Indoor use Wall mount and desktop applications Engineering plastic material Three (3) cable ports HTTB-001 is applicable for splicing 1 piece of fiber cable with maximum diameter Ø 16 mm and 2 piece of fiber cable with maximum diameter Ø 11 mm; or 2 pieces of fiber cables with diameter Ø 16 mm Splice Trays ( up to 4) for the Splicing type and one (1) Tray for the distribution type