feed grade monopotassium phosphate

(CAS No.: 7778-77-0)
Executive Standard: HG/2860-1997
Molecular Formula: KH2PO4
MW: 136.09
Character: White or colorless crystals; It is soluble in water easily; PH of 1% solution is 4.5; the density is 2.338, and melting point is 252.6.
Package: 25kgs or 50kgs woven bag lined with plastic bag, according to the customer demand, Stored at draughty dry places.
Benefits: We plant to purified phosphoric acid and potassium hydroxide heat for the raw materials are manufactured feed grade potassium dihydrogen phosphate, provides fish and shrimp aquatic animal health is indispensable for the growth of potassium nutrients in improving the yield of aquatic animals Meanwhile, to promote aquatic animal meat tender, nutritious richer.
Appearance: white granular crystal
Potassium dihydrogen phosphate (KH2PO4 dry basis)% ≥ 98.0
Phosphorus pentoxide (as P2O5)% ≥ 52.0
Potassium oxide (as K2O)% ≥ 34.0
P (as P)% ≥ 22.3
Potassium (as K)% ≥ 28.0
Chloride (as Cl)% ≤ 1.0
Sulfate (as SO4)% ≤ 0.1
Arsenic (as As)% ≤ 0.001
Heavy metal (as Pb)% ≤ 0.002
Moisture% ≤ 0.5


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