yeast powder

Yeast Powder

 This product is a kind of microorganism formulation . The Vegetable protein has been turned inunicellular protein by yeast,which can be diaested and used by animals easily,This product is rich in vitam in,microelements,various enzymes and eighteen typesof amino acids,and the quantity of cells amount to 85 percent.It has passed provincial appraisal for its asvanced technology domestically.

This product is a good feedstuff of poultry,fish and shrimp for supplying protein.It can help animals to digest and grow,to improve ability of resisting disease,to heighten producing level and tate of transform,to lower the cost of raising;so it can replace fishmeal thoroughly.

Contains: Rough protei n ≥45% , Moisture ≤10%, Ash ≤ 12%


1-3% for poultry, fish and shrimp;
2-5% for domestic animals (pig, cattle, sheep, rabbit, marten, ect)

Shelf life: 18 months . To avoid heat , humidity and intense sunshine during storage and transportation.


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