Hydraulic Fittings

Hose Fittings mainly include:
Swaged Ferrule
British BSP O-ring Seal Fitting
British BSP Flat Seal Fitting
British BSP Multiseal Fitting
British BSP 60° Cone Seal Fitting
British BSPT fitting
British JIS BSP 60°Cone Seal Fitting
American SAE O-ring Seal Fitting
American ORFS Flat Seal Fitting
American NPSM 60°Cone Seal Fitting
American JIC 74°Cone Seal Fitting
American NPT Fitting
American SAE Flange
Metric Flat Seal Fitting
Metric Multiseal Fitting
Metric 60° Cone Seal Fitting
Metric 74°Cone Seal Fitting
Metric 24°Cone O-ring Seal
Metric Standpipe Fitting
Metric JIS 60°Cone Seal Fitting

Reusable Hose Fitting
Other Swaged Hose Fittings

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